We are currently open 11.30am- 1.30pm every Sunday for click & collect and dropping off work for firing.

Make North is a social enterprise, providing access to high quality tuition & materials, and trying to find ways to ensure they are accessible to all. Make North was opened by Louise Smith in August 2019 and we currently have around 100 members across Lancashire.


Make North was established by Louise Smith. Louise grew up in Preston, but lived and worked for many years in Edinburgh, then London. Creating opportunities for young people to engage in quality creative workshops has always been important to Louise and she is currently a partner in an exciting project with the Youth Zone Network and Kate Malone to bring pottery to thousands of young people, from disadvantaged communities across the UK.


Louise's greatest achievement to date was establishing Process Studios in Edinburgh (with a lot of blood, sweat and tears), housed in a beautiful victorian school house, it has facilities for: pottery, print, fashion and furniture; a busy course program and 60 studio spaces. In late 2016 Louise handed management of Process Studios to another  charitable company, 'Out of the Blue Artist Studio Group', who rebranded the space ‘Abbeymount Studios’ and now manage the building and course programs. Most of the studio holders and tutors from the Process Studio days are still based at Abbeymount.

For information on Process Studios and Louise's other past projects see www.louisesmith.work

Our environmental policy:

  • We only use electricity and our supply is 100% renewable

  • We fire the kiln to the lowest possible temperature

  • Our materials are all from British manufacturers

  • Our glazes are shipped in powder form to keep the weight down (we add water); they are in reusable bags which we return to the manufacturer

  • Our printing inks and binders are manufactured with ecologically responsible care

  • We recycle all scrap clay

  • We will continue find ways to reduce our environmental impact, next on the list is recycling our waste water


Micaela Schoop

Micaela photo by Katie Timson
by Micaela Schoop 1
by Micaela Schoop 2

Micaela’s ceramics range from biomorphic sculptures to traditional pottery using a variety of different clay bodies, decorating techniques and glazes. While she wheel throws some of her functional work she is mainly a ‘hand-builder’ who particularly likes coiling techniques. All of her work is strongly linked through distinctive elaborate surface patterning and decoration.


“I draw my inspiration from researched historical and world patterns which are combined with techniques and styles taken from recognisable international and historical ceramic traditions. To these I often add modern visual codes of communication. My intention is to sensitively fuse these diverse elements to create ceramics which question assumptions about cultural identities within the context of multiculturalism.”


Professional highlights include:

  • Potfest in the Park 2020

  • York Ceramics Fair 2019

  • Earth & Fire 2019

  • Shortlisted for the Emerging Makers Award at the International Ceramics Fair in Aberystwyth 2019

  • Fellowship Award in Ceramics and an AA2A Residency 2019

  • MA in Ceramics with Distinction from the University of Central Lancashire 2018

Katie Timson

Katie Profile
Katie Timson2
Katie Timson

Katie makes thrown and hand-built stoneware vessels, alongside porcelain jewellery, using a combination of clay bodies and glazes that she has devised through a lot of experimentation. Her pieces are fired in either an electric or gas reduction kiln depending on the desired finish. Katie specialized in ceramics in the last year and a half of her degree and then continued on to an MA in Ceramics. Following graduation, she was awarded a residency at her university as part of the Artists Access to Art Colleges residency scheme. She sells her work online, through shops and galleries around the country and at various shows and fairs too.

"I enjoy walking and find myself collecting all manner of objects that I find interesting or beautiful, such as feathers, bird eggshells, rocks, pebbles, seaglass and seedheads. Their natural patterns, colours and texture provide inspiration for my collections of functional and decorative vessels which record walks through different landscapes".

Professional highlights include:

  • Ceramic Review, Issue 301 (January/February 2020): 'One to Watch'  

  • Country Living Magazine (April 2020), Artist Feature: ‘Trading on Eggshells’  

  • ‘Best New Business’ Award - Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Festival: 2019

  • Group residencies at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét, Hungary: 2018 and 2016 

  • Art in Clay, Hatfield 

  • Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Festival 

  • Earth and Fire International Ceramics Fair

  • Hepworth Wakefield Ceramics Fair

  • Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

  • Made by Hand, Cheltenham