Our 5hr classes are suitable for anyone new to working with clay, as well as those with some experience who would like dedicated time working with a tutor. 


Classes start with a 30minute demonstration and the tutor will then lead you through a range of processes, to complete two pots which will then be fired and glazed. There are only 6 participants in a class so there is plenty of time for 1:1 support and questions.

Hand Building

This day will cover a wide variety of techniques used in constructing sculptural and functional forms, including work with slabs, coils and pinch pots.

This class will cover a range of hand building techniques that can be employed to create sculptural or functional forms,  you may take work away that you choose to continue working on and fire, but the focus of the course is skills development rather than completing a work.


You will cover a number of construction methods, including joining coiled forms and altering slab forms and will look at ways of supporting work during construction, drying and firing. This includes plaster formers, foam, bubble wrap and ceramic supports.

Wheel Throwing

During these classes beginners will begin to master the fundamentals of wheel throwing, focussing on centering and developing good technique and may produce one or two small finished beakers or bowls, which we will fire and glaze. Members can work on improving their technique with the help of a tutor.


Classes will start with a 30minute demonstration and those with experience may choose to begin work on their projects without watching the demo. As there are only 6 participants for the remaining 4.5hrs there is plenty of time for 1:1 support and everyone will be working on slightly different projects, so it is a great chance to learn from each other.





  • Saturday June 5th 3.30- 5, or 5- 6.30pm (we will start with a demo, but you may not need the full 90minutes, it will depend on how much work you have).

Young people aged 9- 16 can attend with an adult from the same household. The adult and child share a bench, so there is a maximum of one child per adult.

The session will start with a 20 minute talk & demo, looking at the effects that can be achieved by combining glazes, the qualities of different glazes and the uses of wax.

You will then have just over 1.5hrs to glaze your work. Work will be weighed all together and charged at 70pence per 100grams and you will have access to all the dipping and painting glazes, and wax resist. You will be able to combine dipping glazes, and combine dipping glazes with painting glazes. You will need to bring your own brushes, the shop will be open for 30minutes before the workshop.

3.5hr Untaught Access Sessions

£15 (members only)​

  • Thursday June 3rd 5.30- 9

  • Saturday June 5th 10am- 1.30


Members can book a wheel or bench for the duration of an access session and are free to arrive and leave whenever they choose. 

Other Membership benefits


As well as having access to the member-only sessions outlined above and a 35% discount on classes and workshops members have access to a range of online tutorials, monthly competitions and advice via email whenever needed.