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DAY COURSES 10.30am- 4pm 

Members £96, Non-Members £120

The course fee includes equipment or work to take home of a value of around £30

Members need apply discount code 'coursediscount'

Sculptural Ceramics
Wheel Throwing

 If you would like to attend a course with children please get in touch, we are happy to accommodate you, we recommend children are aged 9+ to get the most out of the experience.

If you would like to book as a group please get in touch and we would be very happy to arrange a private workshop.


Mould Making for Slip-Cast and Pressed Forms

Included in this course are two moulds for you to keep, which you will make from your chosen forms.

Press Moulding and Slip Casting are both processes for quickly reproducing multiples of the same form. The moulds will be cast from forms of your choosing, which you can bring or choose from a section at the studio, this could be bowls, beakers or plates. We will send detailed information on suitable forms when you book.


As part of the course you have a go at slip casting and press moulding, including being taught techniques for casting with multi-coloured slips and you will produce a couple of items that we will fire.

10.30am- 4.30pm (6hrs) Wednesday Sep 2nd


Sculptural Ceramics

Included in this course is small set of tools, formers and foam, which you will be using during the course and a firing tray and wadding to take away (the course will cover what these are for).

This day will cover a wide variety of techniques used in constructing sculptural forms, including work with slabs, coils and pinch pots, this may result in a sculpture that you choose to continue working on and fire, but the focus of the course is skills development rather than completing a work.


There will be a lot of emphasis on methods of supporting work during construction, drying and during firing. This includes plaster formers, foam, bubble wrap, ceramic supports and wadding.

10.30am- 4.30pm (6hrs), Friday Sep 11th or Sunday Sep 13th


Wheel Throwing: centering and pulling walls of even thickness

This course includes two pots fired, with your choice of glaze.

This course is for beginners and improvers. The day will start with a demonstration of centering and pulling even cylinders.


You will then have 4hours of throwing and with number limited to four there will be lots of time for 1:1 tuition. 

The course will also include learning to wedge, an important part of throwing, needed to achieve the correct clay consistency, realign particles and reuse clay from practice pots.

10.30am- 4.30pm (6hrs), Sunday Sep 6th or Wednesday Sep 9th


Screenprinting: Turning an Illustration or Painting into Print

This course includes two screens to keep, exposed with your own artwork.

On this course you will learn to break an image down into colour separations and prepare acetates, this could be done with photoshop if you have your own computer & software or by hand with posca pens and/or paint (which we will provide).

You will have chance to print with your screens and time to practice good printing technique and you will gain a good understanding of colour mixing and printed colour overlays, with inks of differing opacities.

10.30am- 4.30pm (6hrs), Saturday Sep 5th or Thursday Sep 10th


Screenprinting for Ceramics

This course includes two screens to keep, exposed with your own patterns

On this course designs will be created by working directly onto your screens with wax resist and heat adhesive cut stencils, the course will include some short drawing an mark making excersises to generate ideas.

The majority of the course will focus on experimenting with techniques for printing with underglazes and glazes, including direct printing and transfer. 

10.30am- 4.30pm (6hrs) Thursday Sep 3rd