In addition to the courses below we are also very happy to arrange private workshops, for up to four people on a wheel or up to 6 people for other processes, this costs £140 in total for a 3hr workshop, plus materials. All ages are welcome, though we'd recommend age 9+ 

DAY COURSES 10.30am- 4.30pm 

Members £96, Non-Members £120

The course fee includes materials, firing and equipment of a value of around £30

We have places left on Wheel Throwing Sunday Sep 27th and Screen Printing Sunday Oct 4th.


Sculptural Ceramics

Included in the course fee: 1 bag of clay (£17.20), a pipe former (£10.50), 2 foam sheets (£2.10), a 60x40 wooden board (£3)

This day will cover a wide variety of techniques used in constructing sculptural forms, including work with slabs, coils and pinch pots, this may result in a sculpture that you choose to continue working on and fire, but the focus of the course is skills development rather than completing a work.


There will be a lot of emphasis on methods of supporting work during construction, drying and during firing. This includes plaster formers, foam, bubble wrap, ceramic supports and wadding.

The course is taught by Micaela Schoop, who produces large sculptural forms in her own practice.

Please email us if you would like to be notified of new dates.


Wheel Throwing: centering and pulling walls of even thickness

The course fee includes all materials: 1 bag of clay (£17.20), 3 pots fired & dip-glazed in colours of your choice (£18)

This course is for beginners and improvers. The day will start with a demonstration of centering and pulling even cylinders.


You will then have 4hours of throwing and with number limited to four there will be lots of time for 1:1 tuition. 

The course will also include learning to wedge, an important part of throwing, needed to achieve the correct clay consistency, realign particles and reuse clay from practice pots.

The course is taught by Christine Cherry Ceramics, who produces tall thrown vessels and thrown bowls in her own practice.

10.30am- 4.30pm (6hrs), Sunday September 27th



The course fee includes all materials: printing inks (£5), 10 large fabric swatches (£15), stencil paper (£3)

On this course you will learn the fundamentals of screenprinting, and how to select screens and medium for textiles, paper and clay.

The majority of the day will be spent printing, understanding colour separations and mastering good print technique. You come away with a good understanding of how to prepare an image for exposure onto a screen (almost any image can translate into a screenprint, photographic, hand-drawn or painted) and you will be shown a few techniques of how to achieve this.

Make North offers a screen exposure service and screen hire.

10.30am- 4.30pm (6hrs), Sunday Oct 4th


Mould Making for Slip-Cast and Pressed Forms

All materials are included in this course: 5kg plaster (£6), stoneware and porcelaine casting slips (£10), coloured stains (£5), four pots fired (£10)

You'll choose the forms: bowls, mugs or plates and then cast two moulds to keep, so you can produce your very own matching set of tableware!


As part of the course we will also show you how to slip cast and how to press forms and you will produce four items that we will fire.

The course with be taught by Christine Cherry Ceramics

and will include how to cast coloured slip in layers, as Christine does in her own beautiful work shown here and how to replicate shapes using hump and slump moulds, as Christine does under alter-ego Boosy Ridge.

Please email us if you would like to be notified of new dates.