If you'd like your work glazed in a single colour we can dip it for you. Please ensure all work is clearly marked with your initials (as it goes through two firings, a bisque and then a glaze firing and work gets mixed up in the kiln packing) and add a note to your work when dropping it off to let us know which glazes you have chosen.

How to calculate and pay

1) Choose your glaze option

  • Firing without dipping (if you have glazed the work yourself)

  • Clear Dipping

  • Or any of the coloured glazes

2) Calculate the number of units

Weigh your work when dry or bisque fired. Every 50grams under 1000grams = 1 unit. Every 100grams over 1000grams = 1 unit

Our minimum weight per item for dipping is 150grams, so if your work in under 150 grams you pay for 3 units (this doesn't apply to work you have glazed yourself).



For clear glaze this is £0.75 and we will use that in the examples below.

Your work weights 150 grams

  • You pay the minimum charge of  units

  • 3 x £0.75 = £2.25

Your work weighs 520grams.

  • 520 / 50 = 10.4

  • You pay for 11 units

  • 11 x 0.75 = £8.25

Your work weighs 1600 grams

  • 1000/ 50 = 20

  • 600/ 100 = 6

  • You pay for 16 units

  • 16 x £0.75 = £12


Firing without dipping

If you have glazed your work yourself (with painting glazes) or you don't want your work to be glazed, then you only need to pay for 'firing without dipping'

How long will it take

All together 2weeks. We fire regularly but it takes 2 days for each for each of the bisque and glaze firings, for the kiln to reach full temperature and cool  (1000 degrees and 1240 degrees) with time needed in between for glazing work and loading the kiln, so please allow at least two weeks between dropping off green work and collecting.