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If you would like to purchase any of the items then please email me

  • Stainless steel deep double-bowl sink, approx. 90cm high: £400 ono.

I think the sink is 2m x 70cm. Comes with taps and tall plugs, no clay trap, the bowls are large enough for a 40ltr trug

  • Sturdy workbenches constructed from 18mm interior ply £250 each (6 available)

The benches are 150cm x 90cm and a comfortable standing height of 90cm, they are only lightly waxed so that clay doesn't stick to the surface. The legs can be removed.​​​

  • Floor standing extruder: £400 ono.

Large floor standing extruder with a set of five plates: two sizes of coil, a circular tube, a square tube and a blank.

  • 3-phase frontloading Kiln, with controller and 4 shelves: £1800

Brand new elements fitted just before we closed, which cost £850. Internal dimensions: height 61cm, depth 58, width 45cm. 

  • Shelving (easy assemble) 6 for £180 

  • A small toploading kiln ideal, for a Raku conversion £100

​about 60cm external diameter, probably not worth fixing for an electric firing unless you can do the work yourself.

  • A washing machine £100

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