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We will continue to sell materials and fire work through lockdown and over winter, we are also hiring-out our wheels and screen-printing equipment.


We will be open Mondays and Saturdays 10.30am- 1.30pm for dropping work and collecting materials, equipment and fired work (and to ask advice).

Christmas Decorations

We will do a glaze firing on the 24th, ready for collection on the  28th

Final Firing Dates

These dates are for work you want to underglaze or glaze at home, for anything we are dipping you have an extra week.


November 14th: Work should be complete and left to dry (you have an extra week for dipped work)


November 21st or 23rd: Work should be dropped at the studio for bisque firing (extra week for dipped work)


November 28th or 30th: Bisque fired work can be collected for decoration at home


December 5th or 7th: Work should be returned for glaze firing


December 19th: All work will be fired and ready to collect

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