Instruct us to glaze your pots 

1) Number your pots

2) Include a note in your box explaining how you would like each pot to be glazed

3) Make sure your name or makers mark is clearly visible on your work and the note

It's as easy as that!

Book a glazing workshop, £20

Members can also book a four-hour glazing and decoration workshop, where you will have access to our full range of dipping and painting glazes, as well as underglazes and wax, so that you can play around with different effects yourself. A tutor will be on hand to help and demonstrate techniques.


Shown on all three colours of clay 

Glazes that are effective at highlighting texture on buff or red clay are: alabaster, baby blue, lilac

Glazes that are effective at highlighting texture on buff or white clay are: emerald, slate and cobalt

Glazes that work best on white or red clay are: pink, mint and lemon

Glazes that are only available as single dip are: denim and sienna (they don't play well with others) 


Shown on buff clay

We can double dip with a part dip over a full dip, or with two part dips (and an overlapping section).

The Emerald and Slate glazes are fluid and with a heavy application will move down the pot, this can be requested too.

Decorating slips and underglazes will be applied by you at home, you can choose a clear glaze, no glaze (best for heavy underglaze application) or a coloured glaze, which can be really successful if lightly applied.

The tests shown below are by no means extensive and you are welcome to request any combination.


Decorating slips and underglazes are applied by you at home, glazes are applied by us in the studio

Heavy underglaze application will bubble under glaze, if you want a solid colour you can either use slip or leave your pots unglazed (this is not ideal for food items as they will stain).