Key points to remember:

  • glazes need at least 2 heavy coats to achieve a good effect, some need 4 (check the individual glaze here)

  • You must ensure there is no glaze on the bottom of your work and leave at least 1mm clearance around the bottom (more for fluid glazes), glaze can be cleaned off with a damp sponge or cloth, wax resist can be used or you can just avoid the bottom of the pot

  • Wash brushes in a container and allow the glaze to settle out before binning, don't wash glaze down the sink it's toxic to equatic life.


Painting Glazes

This video shows application of a single colour

Glazes can be applied to great effect in combination

Cleaning the bottom!!

Texture and Glaze

Texture and glaze is particularly effective with either:

A) a heavy application of the translucent glazes: emerald, slate, or rose B) the mat glazes, particularly alabaster and lilac, on buff clay

Dipping Glazes

If you would like your work glazed in a single colour then we can dip it for you. We will dip it like the mug shown, leaving an unglazed band, unless you wax the bottom or foot ring and we will then dip it like the bowl shown.