All of the projects below involve hand-building and decoration techniques that are interchangeable and can be adapted in a many ways.

If you are new to pottery you will need to start with the short tutorials for complete beginners and the health and safety info.

Press Moulded Bowls With Scalloped Edges & Texture


Video 1: how to press a bowl using an existing bowl as a former (if you haven't rolled slabs before you will need to watch the first 'Beginners Basics' tutorial). 

Video 2: adding scalloped edges and texture.

Video 3: adding feet.

Soft Slabs with Darts, Slip and Oxide Transfer


Video 1: building a form using soft-slabs and darts​

Video 2: another really quick example

Video 3: decorating with coloured slips and oxide transfer

Hard Slab Construction & Stencil Decoration


Video 1: designing your shape, creating maquettes out of card.

Video 2: building a hard slab form

Video 3: finishing & fettling (using a surform and sponge)

Video 4: stencil decoration with coloured slips