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Step 1: collect 4kg of buff stoneware clay on Saturday November 14th, between 10.30am & 1.30pm from our studio in Bamber Bridge, Preston

Step 2: follow our simple online tutorials for mugs, succulent pots, strawberry planters, bowls, candle lanterns and much more (we're also very happy to give advice in person during our open hours or via email whenever needed).

Step 3: drop your work off for firing three weeks later, on the 5th of December and choose your glazes

Step 4: collect your work on Saturday December 19th, after it has been fired to 1240 degrees (!!) and is completely non-porous and food safe.

What's the deal?

For £75 you get 4kg of stoneware clay, coloured glazes and firing. 4kg of clay makes 2.8kg of fired work, this translates to:

  • 8 pots weighing 350grams, like large mugs or small succulent pots OR

  • 5 pots weighing 560grams, like cereal bowls or a candle lantern OR

  • 3 pots weighing 930grams like a large plant pot

Want to make more than 8 pots? Or continue next year?

If you would like to make more than this before Christmas or continue after Christmas you can join as a member, you can find information on membership here.

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