Members pay a fee of £15 per month (with no contract) and have exclusive access to online tutorials & support, firing, equipment hire and studio sessions and weekly workshops (with storage) when the lockdown is lifted.


Our comprehensive range of online pottery tutorials have been developed for beginners and improvers and we will provide advice via email whenever needed, or in person when you drop/collect work for firing.

Our shop stocks a range of clays, painting and dipping glazes and more, all sold in small quantities, so you have easy access to the materials you need to experiment, whilst you're finding your style.

We fire work for members on a weekly basis, wether you're working from home or from the studio and provide a screen exposure service.

When you sign up you will automatically be given access to the online tutorials. Membership can be cancelled at any time.


Materials & Firing

You can find our full range of glazes, underglazes, clay, printing pigments and binders in our online shop, where you will also find information on firing and equipment hire


Studio Sessions & Workshops

We run weekly workshops for members in Wheel Throwing, Glazing and Plaster Casting (and will continue to add to these), as well as regular untaught studio sessions.

Many of our members join us as complete beginners and our tutorials and courses cater for this, it doesn't take long for people to start producing some fantastic work. We also have a number of more experienced members, who use the facilities and firing service and appreciate the community and the of sharing ideas.



Equipment Hire

Wheels, screens and other equipment are available for weekly hire, for use at home.

We also sell all the materials and other sundries you need for pottery or screen printing.

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We run weekly workshops for members in: Wheel Throwing, Glazing and Plaster Casting.


When you sign up you will automatically be given access to the online tutorials

Online tutorials range from quick beginners projects like this one, to more complex slab building and coiling. They also include slip decoration, glazing, surface texture and oxides.