Over the past year our membership has changed and so we are adjusting how we do things; for now classes & access sessions will take place the first week of each month, Thursday-Sunday and these will be longer than before to suit our members who live further afield.

As many of our members are continuing to work mainly from home we will continue to find ways to maintain a feeling of community, through social events, pot sales, competitions, live kiln openings and more.


We will continue to open for dropping & collecting work and for purchasing materials every Sunday 11.30am- 1.30pm.

Membership includes:

  • Clay, firing​ and clear dipping

  • Free glaze-dipping sessions for coloured glazes

  • A range of online tutorials

  • A 35% discount on workshops and classes

  • Wheel hire

Guide to Choosing the Right Membership

We have used "mug" and "platter" as a guide to choosing your membership, but the type and size of the pots you produce is totally up to you!


Mug means a 400g pot, it's a chunky mug, measuring 11cm x 9cm

Platter means a 520g pot, it's a large plate, measuring 20cm x 30cm

Membership options

  • Enthusiast or Household: £59 per month for 11 mugs or  8 platters per month (5.4kg clay & firing priced at £9 per kg)

  • Regular: £46 per month for 7 mugs or 6 platters per month (3.6kg clay & firing priced at £9.50 per kg)

  • Light: £38 per month for 5 mugs or 4 platters per month (2.6kg of clay & firing priced at £10 per kg)

Clay is distributed to members every two months, based on their chosen monthly membership, there is a choice of buff, white or red stoneware and all firing (and clear dipping) is included in the membership payment. Scrap clay can be exchanged for reclaimed clay at any time (not inc red).

Our associate membership costs £15 per month and includes all membership benefits. It's suitable for members who only occasionally fire work, ​firing is charged at £12 per kg and clay is sold for £12 per 12.5kg bag.



We have endeavored to make access to materials as flexible as possible, with decorating slips, underglazes and painting glazes all sold in 100ml quantities, so that members can experiment.


Painting Glazes

We stock a large range of painting glazes, which allow you to layer colours.

Many of our members join us as complete beginners and our courses, workshops and tutorials cater for this, it doesn't take long for people to start producing some fantastic work. We also have a number of more experienced members, who use the facilities and firing service and appreciate the community and the of sharing ideas.