PR1 2QU, Saul St and Walker Street, Preston

Make North is a not-for-profit community pottery and artists studios, we have two car parks: on Saul St (opposite the magistrates and masonic hall) and on Walker St, the other side of the building.

To help with our running costs we are renting 15 car parking spaces, we have based the rates on other long-term parking nearby, but as we recognise we don’t provide security have priced our parking accordingly.

Whilst we can’t provide security, or take any responsibility for your car whilst it’s on our premises, we are open weekday evenings for public courses, so there will usually be people in the building after dark.


The prices below are for parking Monday- Friday at any hour.

Every 4 weeks £38 (£9.50 per week)

Quarterly £100 (£7.70 per week)


We will take payment by direct debit; this can be cancelled by you at any time.

To allow us to set up the direct debit please enter your details here

After you have entered your direct debit details email and let us know if you would like to pay monthly or quarterly and your registration. Your direct debit will start 3-4 days later, but you can start parking from the next day.

Terms and conditions

When arranging car parking with Make North the driver agrees:

  • to park only the vehicle identified on the booking. If the Driver uses a different vehicle they will be subject to parking enforcement measures. If the Driver wishes to change the registered vehicle to be used for the parking space, the Driver must email

  • to keep the parking space clean, tidy and clear of rubbish and leave the parking space in the same condition that he or she finds it

  • to ensure that the relevant vehicle is parked fully in a parking space, without obstructing any other parking spaces or property

  • not to do or permit to be done on the parking space anything which is or which may be or become a nuisance, damage, annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to any person

  • not to conduct any illegal activity from the parking space

  • not to conduct any business or commercial activity whatsoever from the parking space

  • not to use the parking space for any purpose other than for parking

  • to act with courtesy towards all other users of the premises and car park

  • to vacate the parking space and cease using the parking space at the end of the direct-debit period

  • to accept responsibility for his or her own health and safety when accessing the parking space

  • to accept responsibility for the safety of the vehicle (together with any items stored in the vehicle during the booking period), which are parked/left at the owner's risk