Our tutors

Our tutors are all practicing professional potters, who employ a diverse range of techniques in their work and all enjoy sharing their skills and knowledge. You can find information and images of their work through the link below.


Course dates can be found lower down the page.

Courses are not running over October half-term, but we will still be open for access sessions.

Forming courses

slab building

As a basic rule slabs are used to construct forms with straight sides; when soft they can be used to form cylinders with tall straight sides; when leather-hard they can be used in a more structural way to create forms including: boxes, pyramid or trapezoids. On our slab building course you will learn to construct with soft and leather hard slabs.


As a basic rule coils are used to create rounded and undulating forms. Very large forms can be built with coils. On our coiling course you will create a vessel starting by coiling into a bowl-mould, to support the shape initially and then building a form to your own design from there.

slip casting

Slip-casting is a way of reproducing a form multiple times, liquid clay (slip) is poured into a plaster mould and as the dry-plaster absorbs moisture from the slip a thin clay wall is formed. On our slip-casting course you will cast bowls and experiment with coloured slips during casting.

Wheel throwing classes

Mastering wheel-throwing and being able to control your form requires a lot of practice, but it’s worth it! Thrown forms include cyclinders, bowls and plates and they can be manipulated after they are thrown, so they don’t need to stay round.

Surface Decoration courses

Colour can be added to work in various ways, when it is ‘green’ (unfired), generally when leather-hard or after it has been bisque fired.

Slip Decoration

Slips are coloured liquid clays that are applied with a brush or sponge when the clay is leather-hard. On our slip decoration course you will use learn to use slips with: stencilling, inlay and sgraffito.


Glazes are high in silica, so that they melt and fuze into a ‘glassy’ finish. On our course you with work with a range of ready-mixed painting glazes, creating different effects by adding texture and layering glazes, which move different ways and have varying translucency.

Beginners Package

We are offering a an intro package in October, for £75 you can book:

A Hand-building Course

Tuesday 1st & 8th October, 7- 9.30pm: Slab Built Vessels with Katie Timson
Thursday 3rd & 10th October, 7- 9.30pm: Coiling Into a Mould with Micaela Schoop

Followed by a Decoration Course

Tuesday 15th & 22nd October, 7- 9.30pm: Application Techniques for Coloured Glazes with Katie Timson
Thursday 17th & 24th October, 7- 9.30pm: Application Techniques for Coloured Slips with Micaela Schoop

And four 3hr independent access sessions so that you can continue to develop work between classes.

As soon as you purchase this package you will be allocated credit worth £140, so you can book your courses and access sessions. Just enter your email address when booking and the cost will be deducted from your credit package.

If you have any question please email louise@makenorth.org

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Surface decoration and glazing courses


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