Alabaster Matt Painting

Alabaster Matt Painting


This is an opaque matt glaze which requires heavy application on buff clay (4-5 coats) for a solid white, lighter application results in warm browns breaking through. A lighter application on buff clay also results in the glaze breaking well over texture and the edge of pots and a brown speckle coming through. Application on white clay results in a much cleaner white, without the speckle or brown tones. This glaze requires a heavy application to work on red clay.


The price shown is either:


The price shown is for 100ml of painting glaze.


You may choose Painting Glaze so you can layer colours or apply glaze to specific parts of your work. You will also probably want to paint very small pieces of work, as we have a minimum glazing fee per dipped item. If you just want a single colour you can get your work dipped.