Screen Reclaim & Exposure

Screen Reclaim & Exposure


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Our screens measure 50cm x 60cm (roughly A2 internally), but we would recomend this screen size for printing A3 (30cm x 42cm), as this gives you a comfortable clearance around your image for printing.


This service includes the cost of coating screens with emulsion, preparing your image and printing onto acetate and exposing your image onto a screen. 


We hire screens by the week, for £5.20, or you can purchase them for £26. 


If you are hiring a screen you will also need to pay for the screen to be reclaimed (at a cost of £12), this is where the image is stripped from the screen and power washed.


Please email your image(s) to and your screens will be ready for you to collect 10 days later. We're very happy to advise on imagery.