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Saturday's 10.30am- 1.30pm 

  • Weekly Workshop: Glazing or Plaster Casting (we will introduce further techniques in time)

  • Untaught Studio Bench Session

Saturdays 2pm- 5pm

  • Weekly Workshop: Wheel Throwing

  • Untaught Studio Wheel Session

Tuesdays 5.30- 8.30

  • Untaught Studio Session, Wheel or Bench

Workshop Content and Dates

Workshop numbers will be limited to 6, so that there is plenty of time for 1:1 tuition.

Wheel Throwing, Weekly

You must have some prior experience. This is a mixed level group with Christine or Katie on-hand to provide 1:1 tuition or demonstrate new techniques.

Glazing Saturday January 2nd & 16th

Participants will have access to dipping glazes, painting glazes and hot & cold wax and Louise will demonstrate a range of techniques for glaze application. Materials will be charged as a single payment by weight of bisque and then any glazes can be used. This is an opportunity to layer dipping glazes, use in combination with painting glazes and use layers with wax resist.

Plaster Casting, Saturday January 9th & 21st

You can use these sessions to cast moulds for slip-casting, pressed forms or stamps. Louise will talk participants through the process and provide the 'cottles' needed for making moulds, plaster will be charged by weight (it's pretty cheap). If you have no prior experience of mould making you may want to attend two workshops, you can use the first workshop to make stamps and then  find or make master-forms for casting moulds during the second.


Untaught Studio Sessions

  • Single Studio Session £10 (no permanent storage)

  • Package of 12 studio sessions, can be used to book any sessions before March 20th + a storage shelf, £100 (saving of £20)

  • Package of 24 studio sessions, can be used to book any sessions before March 20th + two storage shelves, £190 (saving of £50)

Taught Workshops

  • Single Workshop £35

  • Package of 6 workshops, can be used for wheel, glazing and plaster £189 (saving of £21)

  • Package of 12 workshops, can be used for wheel, glazing and plaster £336 (saving of £84)

Coronavirus Measures

We will provide:

  • Large individual work stations 2 meters apart

  • Individual buckets of water for hand washing

  • Lots of fresh air (with our roller-shutter doors and back door open)

  • Cleaning products and soap

  • A thorough cleaning of the toilet and door handles between sessions


Members will be asked to:

  • Bring their own towel (and apron if needed)

  • Allocate at least 20 minutes at the end of their session to thoroughly clean their work station

  • Wash hands before and after using the toilet and flush with the seat down

  • Wear a mask when moving around the studio, using the sink or toilet.